Roof Replacement BeforeAre you looking for a roof replacement in Houston, TX? At Royal Roofing & Construction of Texas, we’re commercial and residential roofers, so our skills range from traditional asphalt shingles to many other materials and single slopes to complex roof designs.

    All of our roofing services are done to perfection by the roofers at our woman-owned company. Our team is diligent in their work, we are here to provide roofs and services that last. You’ll love working with us; we treat you like Royalty!

    Revitalize Your Home: Complete Roof Replacement in Houston

    When your roof has seen enough years of rainstorms, hail, the sun beating down on it, and other wear, it’s time for a total roofing replacement. It takes skill and dedication to produce a roofing replacement that looks sharp on your home and protects against even our wild coastal weather. At Royal Roofing & Construction of Texas, we’ve hired the best roofing contractors in Houston area to do that work. Our inspection team, comprising experienced roofing professionals, covers all the necessary details, from flashing and protrusions to complex geometry and shingle placement.

    During Roof Replacement

    We don’t take shortcuts and start with completely removing existing material, so we know our foundation. If you want your roof to last a long time, you need quality materials, and our expert roofers provide the roof  installation. The result is a well-crafted roof that looks sharp in your neighborhood, one that you’ll be proud of coming home.

    Ways our skilled roofing team produces outstanding results:
    • Careful shingle placement and securement
    • Replacement down to the roof decking
    • Fresh flashing and sealing
    • Updated seals for chimneys, vents, and skylights
    • Skilled nailing appropriate for Houston winds!

    Roofers Who Know Local Roofs

    At Royal Roofing & Construction of Texas, we’re woman-owned and commercial and residential roofing experts. A no-shortcuts approach yields superior results on our projects, and our detail-oriented inspection and installation are unmatched. Our online videos show our beautiful results and showcase our team’s expertise. BBB accredited, with 5-star Google reviews adding up since our founding in 2020. Our dedication to roofing excellence and customer satisfaction from inspection to installation are becoming well-known throughout the Greater Houston area. We treat you like Royalty, and we’ll be here for you for all your roofing needs!

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    Is a roofing replacement on your mind in the Greater Houston area? Call Royal Roofing & Construction of Texas and experience outstanding roofing care fit for royalty!