Roof DamageMonsoons, thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, and the weather keeps us busy with roof repair in Houston, TX. We’re expert roofers at Royal Roofing & Construction of Texas, providing professional roofing care.

    You can expect our woman-owned company to provide thorough inspections and repairs that last, performed by a team you can trust and rely on over the years to come.

    Expert Roof Repair in Houston

    As professionals Houston roofer, we want your roof to look beautiful and consistent. We also wish the layers and seals to be up to our high standards after work is done so that your roof will continue to serve you well. So when your roof experiences damage from the weather, tree limbs, or other causes, we’ll carefully evaluate the problem, help document any insurance-related issues, and provide a precise, reasonable quote.

    Work is done by experienced, dedicated roofers who enjoy a well-crafted roof in every detail. At Royal Roofing & Construction of Texas, we’re your local roofing repair company, serving our community with careful recovery for damaged roofs in the greater Houston area. Our well-qualified roofers are dedicated to excellence in everything we do, so you can count on us and your roof to protect you. We treat you like royalty, providing the information, roof inspections, and roof installation that lead to long-serving protection for your home.

    Residential Roof

    Factors our roofers consider when performing repairs include:
    • Shingle lifting, discoloration, and hail damage
    • Layers down to the roof decking
    • Flashing and other details
    • Chimneys, vents, and other protrusions
    • Nail lifting, patterns, and other issues
    • Fascia board problems
    • Attic leaks

    Houston Roofers Who Know Local Roofing Needs

    At Royal Roofing & Construction of Texas, we’re a woman-owned company that pays close attention to the complexity of residential and commercial roofing. We handle flat roofs, steep slopes, and a variety of roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, metal, tile, and specialized materials. In addition, our team can install energy-efficient underlayment and other components. We don’t take shortcuts; we ensure that what we install has a solid foundation, checking every detail. Watch our online video portfolio for examples of the beautiful, complex work we’ve performed to perfection.

    We’re BBB accredited, and we appreciate our 5-star Google reviews. They reflect our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction from inspection to installation in the greater Houston area.

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    Do you need expert roofing repair from a company that treats you like royalty in Houston? Call Royal Roofing & Construction of Texas today!